Bug Sweeping

We come and check whether anyone is spying on you using a bug that has been installed on your vehicle or in your office or residence.

LevSec Operatives have been trained in searching Vehicles and Residences by the Police and within the Private Industry. We have further increased skills by being trained in detecting devices used to infiltrate peoples privacy.
Areas will not only be searched by using the equipment displayed but also using methods taught by the National Police Search Training Centre. Our Service will not solely depend on electronic equipment.

"We thoroughly examine all areas patiently using skills obtained and the determination of providing accurate results."

Since 2014 LevSec Ltd has conducted Bug Sweeps for Executive and Diplomatic vehicles. It has been necessary for our clients to remain focused on their duties by employing our services to assure them of all Counter Surveillance measures. All Vehicles will be swept in our private garage, where vehicles will be placed on a ramp and thoroughly inspected. All audio, video and tracking devices will be searched for. A concise report will be provided to our clients with detailed photographs.

LevSec have been greatly used in this field of Security with clients from:

  • The Oil Industry
  • Finance Sector
  • VIP Families on Holiday
  • Executive and VIP residences
  • General offices and residences
"We endeavour to allow our clients to conduct their business and affairs without the concern of Infiltration from other sources"