Matt Levu holds the status of Advanced driver and Advanced motorcycle rider. Matt has been a member of the Institute for Advanced Motorists for nearly 2 decades and for the past 3 years with RoSPA. He holds a PCO licence and has undertaken Protection driving and Chauffeur driver training to further enhance his skills and allow the carriage of HNW clients seeking Security Aware Operatives. LevSec team members have all undergone various Driver Training courses to develop their skills and can fully meet the requirements of our VIP Clients. These include:

  • Advanced Driving
  • Evasive Driving
  • Approved Driving Instructor Training

"Our personal development at LevSec ensures all of our Operatives further enhance their training regularly, keeping up to date with current skills and techniques."

Since 2014 LevSec have been employed by many Ground Transportation companies to provide chauffeurs during a wide selection of nationwide events. We are confident that, as a group, we can handle any event both small and large. All Chauffeurs of LevSec adhere to strict Professional Standards and are tested regularly. All of our staff work as Close Protection Officers and are First Aid Trained.

At LevSec Limited we aim to provide quality Chauffeuring, including that of Close Protection driving.

"Your journey should be hassle free and supported to the highest standards, by professionals who are not only trained to drive but also take care of your every need".

LevSec are official TFL/PCO Operators and are available to take bookings

Matt Levu

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