Close Protection

We offer close protection security services in London and surrounding areas.

LevSec Operatives are fully trained in Close Protection within the Private Security Industry licensed by the SIA. Experience within CP has ranged from:

  • A-List Celebrities and their families
  • Executives and Diplomats within UK
  • VIP Families within UK and from the UAE and Asia

We at LevSec Limited hold not only a wealth of experience, but also provide a strong team that can be utilised and effectively deployed to any CP or Investigative contract both within UK mainland or abroad, whether it be an Executive or Hostile environment. At LevSec we aim to offer our services to accommodate areas such as:
  • Executive meetings
  • Corporate functions
  • Events
  • Celebrations/ Weddings.
  • Holidays

LevSec Close Protection Operatives:
"We pride ourselves on having a strong level of experience which our clients not only expect but also deserve."
Director-Matt Levu